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— The Angolan president, José Eduardo dos Santos, Monday here said that despite the consequences that Angola may suffer due to world economic crisis, it is intended to maintain the sustainable development model and the pace of strong economic growth.

In his year-end message to the Nation, the Angolan Statesman referred that it also is desired to generate more jobs and the betterment of Angolan families and citizens living standards.
He reminded that the world economy lives the greatest crisis since the "30s of the past century. The world strongest economies are facing slow-down and present evident signs of recession. It is noticed a strong fall of growth of economic activity, mainly in the United States of America and Europe, which is affecting the economies of African countries. The incomes of these countries have been reduced significantly, because the most developed economies are using less and less raw materials. The supply of these products has increased in the market and their prices are dropping, noted Jose Eduardo dos Santos."In our case, the price of oil and diamonds have been falling, thus prompting our Government to take actions aiming at readjusting the State Budget and some goals of the National Plan for 2009", he observed.The Angolan leader said that this adjustment will not modify the strategy nor the objectives set for the social and economic sectors.

The head of State stressed that a new year is about to begin and a new citizen will also flourish along with it.He assured that the government will do its utmost in order to maintain the political and macroeconomic stability and it will continue holding public investments in the rehabilitation and building of infrastructures, creating jobs and conditions for the growth of production, based on the rational exploitation of the natural resources and respecting the balance between the economy and ecology.He added that the growth of jobs and the betterment of work remuneration will help grow the demand and, for this reason, the Government will stimulate and encourage the private investment in the production, to increase the supply of goods and services. It will also develop a suitable policy for scientific research and training and management of human resources.

"The gains that we have already attained in the physical and material reconstruction of our country are expressive and they will be even greater in the coming years, should we be able to rebuild also the mentalities", said José Eduardo dos Santos, referring that it is time to start building a new mentality.

"It is necessary to think over certain habits and traditions, mainly in the context of urban life, to protect without restraints the status of well structured family, where prevails love, comprehension and reciprocal respect, cooperation and equality of rights, and there is acceptance of planned reproduction and responsible paternity", he added.

According to Eduardo dos Santos, either in family sphere and in economic and social relations or in the ambit of public administration, it is important to defend above all the principle that the Law must be respected by all, cracking down on abuse of power and every illegal practice such as disrespect to established hierarchies.

"We are building a democratic society. In the true democracy there are principles and rules that we must respect", said the Angolan statesman, adding that individual and collective freedom and the equality of all before the laws are inviolable rights that enable to act and

contribute to the common good.

He stressed that for each right there is a duty, that must be complied with responsibility and that does not distinguish the colour, religious belief, partisan affiliation, sex or age of the citizen.

"We should also restore the value of work and promote spirit of enterprise and recognition of merit as factors of economic transformation and social ascension and as legitimate source of prosperity, close ranks against the great evil of corruption, either active or passive", he said.

He has shown confident about the capacities of Angolans to fight together for a fully active citizenship.

This fight, he continued, demands not only the humility in the recognition of mistakes and limitations, but also the engagement and compromise in the strengthening of virtues and qualities.

"To all Angolans I would like to express my appeal to union and work, wishing you happier days

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