News - Eastern Cape: Defective RDP houses to be repaired

News - Eastern Cape: Defective RDP houses to be repaired

Johannesburg - About R100 million is to be spent on repairing over a thousand defective RDP houses, the Eastern Cape housing department said on Tuesday.

Spokesman Lwandile Sicwetsha said work had resumed on fixing the defective houses in the Alfred Nzo and OR Tambo district municipalities, which were built after 1994.

Construction was stopped in 2000 as a result of poor workmanship, and non-availability of services.

"The rectification of these housing projects costs over a hundred million rand," Sicwetsha said.


He said the money came from the R552 million remaining in the department's budget for flagship projects, current running projects and new projects.

The remaining money was also to be spent on land acquisition, emergency housing and rectification.

"A new contractor is already working on site fixing the defective houses and rebuilding completely damaged structures in Mount Alyiff, Mount Frere and Flagstaff," Sicwetsha said.

Other damage

Houses damaged by storms would also be repaired and residents would be moved to a temporary shelter in cases where there was a need.

About 700 houses in Mount Alyiff, 503 in Flagstaff and 303 in Mount Frere were being rectified.

Sicwetsha said some of the houses were demolished and had to be rebuilt.

Repair work in Chris Hani, Buffalo, Cacadu and other areas in the province began last year. - Sapa

You should have used moladi and saved millions of rands of tax payers in South Africa!!!

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