Tsunami-proof building - Reconstruction of Japan after the tsunami and earthquakes

Earthquake-proof building-Japan
Tsunami-proof building-Japan

Prefab structures float and the debris gives more devastation powers to the tsunami wave
It's a sobering fact: Earthquakes alone don't kill people; collapsed buildings do.

But can people engineer buildings that wouldn't crumble when subjected to the rumblings of the Earth?
In the wake of the Haiti and Chile earthquakes, and also Japan, such a question has more importance now than any time in recent memory.

The simple answer is yes. The technology exists to make buildings nearly earthquake-proof today.

Technology designed to keep buildings from collapsing works essentially in two ways: By making buildings stronger, by casting the structure monolithis insitu reinfirced to withstand maximum loads
moladi is a construction technology that does just that for the last 25 years

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