NEDLAC Jobs Unemployment Employment Skills

NEDLAC Jobs Unemployment Employment Skills

Transnet on Friday said about 40 people were injured during a stampede at its Bloemfontein depot after 10,000 people had arrived for job interviews for just 30 vacancies.
As the first group of people were taken inside to write tests, those waiting outside assumed they would not be allowed to apply.
They then tried to force their way in.
Transnet’s Mboniso Sigonyela admitted they did not expect such a response.
“That was shocking; we had planned for about 4,000 people. We had two halls which could accommodate 400 each and we expected it to take about four hours to assess all those people,” he said.
10,000 people arrive for 30 vacancies: HELLO - 10,000 People for 30 jobs - This government is failing it's people!!!

This is sad - this is a shame!

We have "Pew Warmers" in Government with no compassion or ability or will to create employment. We have the capability and technology to impact unemployment in SA creating jobs, but are bottle necked by the "pew warmers".

Government cannot create jobs!! Fish do not teach birds to fly!!

Simple... We train the unemployed to build for the homeless - moladi

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