Affordable Housing Project - moladi formwork construction system

Affordable Housing Project - moladi formwork construction system

Zero Waste Building System
Formwork Construction system
Formwork Construction system
The moladi formwork was filled the day before with moladi mortar and is now being removed to be re-erected on the next foundation.
The structure is far superior than concentional brick and mortar in both strength and speed as well as cost - This 3 bedroom unit took only 22 cubic meters of mortar to complete

Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing Construction System
The moladi formwork/mould being removed the following day
Walls ready to be painted
No plastering
No beam filling
No waste or Zero waste
No chasing for plumbing
No chasing for electrical piping
Trusses simply slot into position with roof tie cast in-situ
Green building system
Winner of multiple local and international Awards
Proven Technology - First unit constructed in 1987
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