Low Cost Housing - Moladi Plastic Formwork Construction System

Low Cost Housing - Moladi Plastic Formwork Construction System

Low Cost Housing - Moladi Plastic Formwork Construction System

By Moladi Formwork  

Low cost housing is one of the key factors in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. It is not just about putting a roof over someone's head. Academic research proves that access to a clean and stable home implicates an improvement in security, health and education.

Moladi, an award winning South African based company, established in 1986, makes low cost housing accessible to low-income people through innovative and eco-friendly technology, creating employment.

Low cost housing
Low cost housing
The Moladi Low Cost Housing System consists of a reusable and recyclable plastic formwork mold, which is filled with stone-less concrete and a special concrete additive. This additive ensures that, once the mortar is set, the formwork can be removed - and reused up to 50 times.
The brick-less walls can withstand all types of weather and is earthquake resistant. The formwork is lightweight allowing easy transportation. Due to the simplicity in design and the repetitive application scheme, construction costs can be reduced significantly. The Moladi model is not only cost-effective but fast, to. The walls of a house can be completed within one day.

With the motto "Train the unemployed to build for the homeless" Moladi combines construction with economic development. The company offers training locally for the unemployed thereby creating jobs and empowering the community as a whole. Due to the simplicity of the approach, construction techniques and skills can be transferred in a short time. In this way, the communities benefit from affordable shelter and skilled entrepreneurs (in the area of low-cost housing) at the same time. Moladi's success in over 20 countries shows that affordable housing is an important key in finding solutions to promoting security and alleviating poverty.

How to bring decent low cost housing to poor communities? It was Dr. Ernst Friedrich Schumacher who coined this term "Small is Beautiful". The economist and philosopher wanted to stress that small-scale technologies are the ones needed in the fight against poverty. These solutions have great advantages: they can be implemented with local resources and skills and they are affordable - which makes them tools that empower people to help themselves.

The impact of appropriate technology becomes particularly noticeable when innovative solutions are used and promoted by social entrepreneurs who put social impact at the heart of their business. The combination of low-cost technology and social entrepreneurship can have far-reaching implications for thousands of lives. Creating jobs, stimulating ownership confidence and the spirit of innovation - this is what social businesses are looking for.
Appropriate technical solutions, such as low cost housing, improve life quality and can give the initial push for development.
For more information on moladi low cost housing construction technology visit http://www.moladi.com
moladi an award winning innovative technology brings change to the Base of the Pyramid by "training the unemployed to build for the homeless"
For more information on moladi low cost housing technology - visit http://www.moladi.com

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