Low construction cost building sytem - moladi

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce moladi as a solution to the slow delivery of inferior low cost housing as well as addressing the crucial shortage of skills.

Government urged to act on housing

The government has created a window of opportunity for the provision of up to two million affordable homes a year and should grasp it to alleviate the housing shortage, says Stuart Chait, CEO of Cape-based financiers Property Partners. "Falling inflation and interest rates and foreign willingness to invest have opened this window," says Chait. He says foreign investors have renewed confidence in South Africa's political and financial management and are looking for low-risk investment opportunities in the country. They would be eager to finance government housing development for 10 or 20 years at low, fixed interest rates.

Traditionally bricks or blocks are moulded in a small mould and then laboriously stacked by an artisan, sandwiched with mortar, chopping it to place the water and electrical pipes and then plaster. Combining a re usable recyclable lightweight plastic injection moulded formwork system, branded as moladi we create a mould the size of the designed house and cast all the services in situ with a South African Bureau of Standards approved lightweight aerated mortar (Agrément Certificate 94/231) creating a cast in situ monolithic reinforced walling system, eliminating chasing, beam filling, plastering and waste. The result, a fast track cost effective, transferable construction technology.

MCS is a based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and global supplier of a fast track building system that offers: -

STRONGER THAN BRICK - An affordable technique to effectively build durable, earthquake, cyclone resistant shelter, whilst maintaining acceptable design aesthetics for social acceptability amongst a wide range of cultures
SPEED – One house in one day with one mould or many houses in one day with many moulds
SAVINGS - A cost effective, holistic design and build technology, that far outweighs many of today's retrofit schemes designed to strengthen existing poorly designed structures by demonstrating the use of moladi as opposed to costly solid concrete-block, masonry structures or timber frame units
INNOVATIVE - A realistic modern alternative to overcoming the widespread misuse of scarce materials, particularly timber, by introducing a system that combines moladi with other indigenous materials suitable for easy handling
JOB CREATION - An alternative way to enable and empower sections of society by providing a building technology that encourages self participation
ENVIROMENT - Reduce pollution and environmental destruction of our natural ecology by addressing the poor living conditions of billions of poverty stricken communities who are one of the major sectors of society that contribute to global warming.

According to the World Watch Institute, buildings account for 25% of the world's wood harvest, 40% of its material and energy usage, and 18% of its fresh water usage. These demands will be magnified as population growth compels us to multiply the total number of buildings on the planet over the next generation. We clearly must find a way to provide safe and decent shelter for all without destroying the global ecosystem.

Due to the neglect of the poor and very poor over many decades, the real source of market promise is not the wealthy few in the developing world, or even the emerging middle-income consumers: It is the billions of aspiring poor who are joining the market economy for the first time.

For companies with the resources and persistence to compete at the bottom of the economic pyramid, the prospective rewards include the incalculable contribution to social and economic development, growth and substantial profits. This would ultimately result in the multiplication of secondary economic activities and the development of small and medium scale enterprises, which would result in an increase in job opportunities. Mobilise joint ventures and partnerships involving business, community based and non-governmental organisations, facilitating the establishment of Co-operatives are but some of the options that can bring forth “Sustainable Development”.

You are invited to visit our website at: www.moladi.com to have a look at the advantages that warrant moladi being awarded the prestigious South African Bureau of Standards Design Award and how your organization and communities can benefit from our Technology.

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