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'Cheaper solutions needed to housing backlog'

'Cheaper solutions needed to housing backlog'

April 17 2007 at 04:48AM
By Anel PowellAlternative building materials could alleviate many of the structural problems at the N2 Gateway development, says Richard Dyantyi, MEC for local government and housing.Speaking at the opening of a two-day conference on innovative building methods on Monday, Dyantyi said: "The conventional system of brick and mortar has proved to be costly and in relation to the rate at which the backlog is increasing, to no longer be a viable option." At a weekend public meeting, Dyantyi admitted to residents of the N2 Gateway development that work on some of the houses was sub-standard. He said work on the second phase would continue once the problems in the first phase had been solved.

Dyantyi said on Monday that the N2 Gateway could be one of the sites identified for a pilot project of alternative building methods.He said structural problems, such as those at the N2 Gateway, were caused by incompete…


DA analysis of Auditor-General’s reports on provincial housing departments has shown that many housing delivery projects are failing because of staff shortages, ineffective financial controls, poor management and a host of other problems, the party revealed last week.
Two key problems were poor control over housing subsidies and poor management of housing projects, said party housing spokesperson, Butch Steyn last Thursday.
Steyn cited some examples such as the Free State, where there was often no evidence that beneficiaries had qualified for subsidies - in 49 cases the Auditor-General looked at, he could find no records of applicants’ incomes and he also found cases where subsidies were awarded to government employees earning above the subsidy threshold.
He had also found 5 houses which had been allocated to more than one beneficiary, 417 developments where no sewerage services had been provided, and 17 sites where other fixed structures already existed on the land.
In KwaZulu-Natal, a f…

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