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Men's Health - Best Man Awards 2009

Men's Health - The magazine men live by MENS’S HEALTH SOUTH AFRICA’S BEST MAN AWARDS 2009

Leading the Pack Best Man was first established by Men’s Health in 2003 with the objective of recognising South African men who are making a difference in society today. These men are leaders in their fields; they inspire us in our daily lives and create unique opportunities for all South Africans to reach their goals and develop themselves. Finalists were selected after a public call for nominations and direction from a panel comprised of specialists in the respective categories and finalists from previous years. These finalists were considered based on the iconic status achieved in their area of expertise, as well as the difference made in everyday life for the good of society. Winners were selected by Men's Health readers via the website and the magazine. It is once again that time of the year where we acknowledge these men - the leaders in sport, business, science and technology, arts a…

Ghana Property Mall

Ghana Property Mall:


A dreamer dreamt…of an automated home production line…of a home – building process without the subjective elements that comes with involving divers artisans – masons, plumbers, electricians, carpentars, etc…of a house construction process that can be arranged or put together more or less like a lego…of eliminating the non – standardization in the home - building process that leads to cost differentials, high building fees and shoddy work…of a mass production building model that ‘manufactures’ several homogenous housing units ‘at once’ without sacrificing quality not unlike a car manufacturing plant.The dream became a reality in the form of the Moladi housing technology. The model was developed by South African Henni Botes and is present in several countries. Moladi Ghana, as the franchise is known in Ghana is jointly owned by Moladi and Margins Real Estate Group. Speaking to us at the site of the model moladi ho…

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