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Brazil Housing Industry set for Stupendous Growth

Brazil Housing Industry set for Stupendous Growth

Due to the access of large number of real estate developers, increasing demand for real estate finance, and residential property, the Brazilian housing industry has witnessed tremendous growth during the past few years. Over a period of time, booming economy, government funding, large population base, and other secondary factors have provided a desired platform for the housing industry to grow to new horizons. Our report identifies that, Brazil has emerged as one of the favorable destinations for the real estate developers to tap unexplored opportunities in the housing sector, despite gloomy economic environment. This is largely due to the fact that the country is facing massive housing shortage owing to the demand-supply mismatch. The low cost or affordable housing units are fast emerging as the next area of growth in the country’s housing sector. However, presently, the demand for affordable housing units is generally high in Brazil.…

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Building technology - moladi

» SA firm unveils Moladi building technology in Nigeria - Vanguard (Nigeria)

SA firm unveils Moladi building technology in Nigeria

Building technology - moladi

Efforts to facilitate the construction of mass housing by the Nigerian government has received a boost, with the unveiling of the Moladi building technology from South Africa, in Lagos, last week.
At the public presentation of the pilot scheme of the project, Chief Executive Officer of Moladi, Mr. Hennie Botes, remarked that the Moladi technology combines a lightweight, reusable and recyclable modular injection moulded plastic shutter plastic formwork system and a lightweight aerated mortar (concrete with no stone), resulting in durable and permanent monolithic (one piece) reinforced walling system, which is earthquake, cyclone and tsunami resistant.
Botes, who is also the inventor of the technology, said that the system addresses seven key challenges embodied in the low cost and affordable housing shortages facing developing c…

NHBRC has "betrayed the poor"

NHBRC has "betrayed the poor"

NHBRC has "betrayed the poor"
Paul Henry - 02 February 2011

Paul Henry criticises the NHBRC for failing to protect those buying into low-cost units.
National Home Builders' Registration Council (NHBRC) has failed to protect the very people it was originally set up to help most, those buying into low-cost units.
The NHBRC, which came into existence some 15 years ago, is responsible for "policing" home builders to ensure that poor quality construction is eliminated. In return for a 1,3% fee levied on the total cost of the house and its land, they inspect the home at specified stages during the construction and, if satisfied on completion, provide structural insurance and a five-year warranty on the house. To qualify for this, the builder has to be a member of the NHBRC and to pay his levies on time.
If the builder does not register with the NHBRC, no buyer of the home will be able to get a bond until it has stood for five y…

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