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Realty Favours The Brave - moladi in India

Realty Favours The Brave - moladi in IndiaThe World Bank estimates that India’s urban population will hit 600 million by 2031 – more than double that in 2001. With a population of 1.2 billion, housing shortages in India are also acute: the 2012 urban housing backlog was estimated at 21 million, indicating that one fourth of the urban dwellers are living in inadequate housing or are homeless.

Hennie Botes, CEO and designer of moladi, discussed the role moladi can perform to help solve the huge backlog of affordable homes in India with Minister of Housing Dr. Girija Vyas.  Negotiations have been initiated to set up a new entity “moladiINDIA” to represent the technology exclusive in India, after the presentation at the 13th NATCON-2013 in Moscow. The conference was hosted by the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India (CREDAI), the apex body representing private real estate developers in India.

Creating skills and employment through technology transfer.  “Train the un…

Social Innovation for the BOP-Imagination For People

Social Innovation for the Bottom of the Pyramid : Imagination For PeopleAbout the project The aim of empowering people at the Bottom of the Pyramid is to identify appropriate technical solutions in order to tackle basic needs in developing countries. But what are basic needs exactly?
In 1943, Abraham Maslow presented his well-known “hierarchy of needs”. According to his theory, people need food, water, sleep and warmth the most. These are considered to be basic needs and it is only when these basic physical requirements are met that individuals can progress to the next level, that of safety and security. Once these needs are fulfilled, interpersonal needs such as love and friendship, as well as the need for self-esteem and respect from others, can gain importance. Self-fulfilment and the realization of one’s own potential represent the top of the hierarchy.
What does Maslow tell us? Food, sanitation and shelter are not only mandatory preconditions for survival – they also lay the foundat…

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