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Youth employment and skills development program

Youth employment and skills development program
Youth employment and skills development program - South AfricaIs our education system teaching learners how to shoe horses when we are driving cars? With more than 9 million unemployed and a backlog of 3 million houses... are we training for the needs of the people and the country? 

Educate for the needs of today

We propose a solution by combining three “problem areas” and transforming them into “opportunity”. The three key issues that we face in Africa are that of poverty, unemployment and the huge backlog of affordable homes.
Currently there are 800,000 graduates that are unemployed in South Africa.  This means that our universities are producing a significant amount of unwanted skills for the needs of industry and our country.

This prompts the questions: - Does our higher education system produce unemployable graduates? Does our schooling system create unemployed youth after grade 12? Should we relook at the antiquated 1900 English cur…

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