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Cost per square metre

COST PER SQUARE METREBuilding cost per square meter

Cost per square meter | Building Cost | Construction cost
The shape of a building has an important effect on cost. As a general rule the simpler the shape of a building, the lower will be its unit cost. Let us illustrate this as follows:  This determines the cost per square meter of building

Regular shapes in contrast, become more expensive the longer and narrower they are planned. This can be illustrated by the following examples of a square and rectangular building with the same floor area.

Example of how building cost per square meter can vary

Area on plan = 400m²
Length of walling = 80m
Assume 3m high walling @ Currency 200.00/m² Then cost/m² = 80 x 3 x 200 ÷ 400  = Currency���…

Low Cost Housing Subsidy

Low Cost Housing Subsidy

All You Need to Know about Housing Subsidies

Subsidies - hssonline housingA housing subsidy is a grant by government to qualifying beneficiaries for housing purposes. One of the DHS areas of responsibility in the delivery of human settlements relates to the bottom-most end of the market, where it provides housing subsidies to the poor. This is where the bulk of the housing backlog exists, affecting mainly those who earn below R3 500 a month.
Government Employees Housing Scheme (GEHS)The Department of Public Service and Administration has partnered  with  the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) in  terms of which the PIC, through its Developmental Investment Policy, has invested R11 billion in support of the GEHS Housing Finance Access Service to promote and increase home-ownership among public service employees. Prior to the GEHS, over 954 000 employees received housing allowance of R900 per month, which increased to
R1 200 with effect from 1 July 2015.

The sche…

Government housing subsidy

Government housing subsidy for first time homeownersGovernment housing subsidyLow Cost Housing Subsidy   Keywords - Government housing subsidy, housing subsidy, homeowner, moladi, RDP, Department Human Settlements, housing waiting list, low cost housing subsidy, GAP housing

Low Cost Housing - NOT cheap housing

Low Cost Housing - NOT cheap housing  Keywords - moladi, cheap housing, construction, low cost homes, low cost housing, plastic formwork, building system, cheap building system,

Frugal Innovation


Minister Fikile Mbalula wife Nozuko and Hlaudi sued in R1bn housing fraud

Minister Fikile Mbalula wife Nozuko and Hlaudi sued in R1bn housing fraud


SABC strongman Hlaudi Motsoeneng and Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula's wife Nozuko - as trustees of two trusts - allegedly received millions from a "fraudulent" R1-billion spending spree by the Free State government meant for houses for the poor - which were never built.
At the centre of it all was Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane, who, while he was MEC for human settlements, sanctioned the payments of hundreds of millions of rands to companies that had not done any work for the government.

Now new MEC Sisi Ntombela's department is suing the 106 contractors, including Motsoeneng and Nozuko Mbalula in their capacities as trustees, and materials suppliers that received upfront payments to build more than 14,000 RDP houses - many of which were never delivered. The department wants to recover more than R600-million.

Details of how the department spent almost R1-billion in f…

Frugal Innovation

Frugal InnovationAffordable HousingFrugal innovation or frugal engineering is the process of reducing the complexity and cost of a good and its production. - Housing Construction System
Frugal Innovation“Frugal Innovation” proposes a breakthrough approach to solving some of
the most pressing issues of our global economy as it empowers human
beings to use their creativity to generate economic and social value
while preserving the environment.

"Frugal innovation is a critical business strategy for companies to
prosper in a world where customers are both value-conscious and
values-oriented. It challenges Western companies to create high quality
products that are affordable and sustainable as well as desirable and
meaningful for end-users."- Carol L. Cone
Shelter - Housing the base of the pyramid - Low cost housingMaslow's hierarchy of needs - Jobs for the unemployed Food for the hungry Shelter for the homeless - Housing the "Base of the Pyramid" - Low …

3D print a house

3D Printing a houseor is it in reality - 3D Printing Walls? We have used a whole collection of pictures from various websites in order to present our view on the merits of printing houses/walls with 3D printing technology 3D printing building constructionAre 3D printed walls really the solution to address the backlog of quality affordable homes?One of the biggest cost factor that is not mentioned in most of the 3D Print articles is the COST of the printer. We searched the internet and videos and found the video where the cost was published - A whopping $3.2 million Link This particular printer was installed in a factory/covered area and produced wall segments - not the complete home or walls of a house.
No advantage to scale – once the digital blueprint is made, making a single item can cost just about as much as making many.  
In the case with Winsun, the panels/sections where printed in one area (the factory) then transported to the site where the precast/pre-printed sections/segments…

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Low cost affordable housing