Uganda Business News: NHCC says Uganda has insufficient houses

Uganda Business News: NHCC says Uganda has insufficient houses

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Housing and Construction Corporation (NHCC), Joseph Kitamirike has indicated that Uganda lacks 600,000 low cost housing units in urban areas to adequately meet the growing demand for accommodation. He says the growing demand is a result of the high rural urban migration. People migrate to urban areas to look for jobs and better services like electricity, water and healthcare among others.Kitamirike told journalists in Kampala today that the private sector faces challenges in setting up the units because of limited government support. He appealed to the government to reduce taxes on construction materials and improve infrastructure in the housing estates like water and electricity access to motivate people buy the houses.The NHCC chief also appealed to banks in cooperation with the government to reduce interest rates on mortgages to enable people easily acquire houses.He says the company is in the process of acquiring technology for the construction of low cost housing units so that more people can access descent accommodation. Currently, more people in urban areas have resorted to sleeping in slummy areas, which are infested with criminals, lack basic infrastructure like clean water and electricity because they are less expensive.

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