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Creating Job CreatorsCreating Job CreatorsThe South African Crisis: 1994 - 2018

14% cannot afford to by food
9.4 million unemployed - 27%
3 million housing backlog

A #Jobsummit was convened in Midrand and many referred to it as a failure to address the real issues. - "Sara Gon writes on the misdirected resolutions of the Jobs Summit" - "The Jobs Summit discussed many things, but job creation was not one of them. That is because jobs can’t be created – businesses have to be created, which will then create jobs. And there was little apparent discussion of how best to create or grow businesses."

Low Cost Housing Projects

Low Cost Housing Projects | moladi
Low Cost Housing Projects
Low cost housing projectsLow cost affordable housing is produced by speeding up the construction process - This is exactly what moladi plastic formwork construction system is designed to do.
Speed reduces costInstead of using bricks that are produced on a distant brick plant and transported to the construction site, the moladi walls are produced in a plastic lightweight reusable formwork system insitu in a day. This process speeds up the building of the wall, eliminating waste and rework. To construct a moladi wall no skilled artisan or bricklayers are required. This again reduces cost due to eliminating the variance of capacity of individual capability of the bricklayer.
All the water and electrical piping is fixed onto the formwork prior to casting the mortar (Concrete without stone). This eliminates delays and having to chase the wall for the water and electric piping. 
The moladi wall contains steel reinforcing bars to preven…