ME developers plan low-cost housing projects in Pakistan

ME developers plan low-cost housing projects in Pakistan

He said that the low cost housing projects would be a blessing as Pakistan was facing a backlog of over eight million houses for the lower income and middle income groups.

Senior Vice President of FPCCI Sub committee on Housing and Construction, Munir Sultan commented that investments could be higher if the government realized the worth of Pakistan’s real estate industry and concentrated on it.

He said that the construction sector employed the highest number of labourers and also contributed significantly to the GDP of the country and yet the government was neglecting it.He asserted that the government should stop facilitating developers launching projects for the elite who were not, “in need of shelters on their heads, as much as the poor people of our society.”

Sultan commented that it was a positive sign for foreign investors to come to the country despite sensitive political and economical situation in Pakistan and if these low cost houses were constructed as planned, investments worth millions more can be expected soon as Pakistan is on its path towards the revival of the real estate sector.

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