Shoddy houses for the poor

Sexwale takes aim at housing corruption

HUMAN Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale is “sharpening his pencil” to root out corrupt contractors and officials who build shoddy houses for the poor.
A National Housing Audit headed by the Special Investigations Unit had been instituted to find the culprits who had caused “chronic” and “massive” problems in housing, he told journalists in Pretoria.
“The audit deals with issues where the law had been broken.”
Sexwale said recent visits to all provinces, where he heard the concerns of those on the receiving end of low cost housing, and of those on waiting lists, had highlighted the need for an audit.
In the Northern and Eastern Cape alone 3000 houses would have to be destroyed as a result of “shoddy” and corrupt workmanship.
“In response to the situation we face, we have decided we need to take a rigorous look at housing delivery, from top to bottom.
“We need to focus on issues we know are specific impediments: fraud, delays, corruption, absentee contractors, ghost houses, shoddy workmanship again and corruption around waiting lists.”
Sexwale said those found guilty would face civil or criminal action.
For those found within the government ranks, suspension with pay was not an option, he said.

Minister Tokyo Sexwale - You have the support of the moladi TEAM!!!

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