Interlocking Building System - Dry-stacked mortarless construction

Interlocking bricks - dry-stacked mortarless block houses demolished

Interlocking Building System - Soil cement block

Interlocking Building System - Soil Cement Block

moladi has been approached by the Sol Plaatje Local Municipality in Kimberley, Northern Cape, to assist with the backlog of Government subsidy housing or BNG projects. When visiting the previously developed areas of RDP homes we were shocked at the poor quality of structures currently being demolished. The structures were built about 15 years ago using Interlocking Stabilised Soil Bricks. The Interlocking Building System or Interlocking Brick System uses hydraulic machines to compress local soil mixed with a small amount of cement to produce the soil to form the interlocking cement blocks - The interlocking building system does not make use of mortar between the joints and the blocks are simply stacked dry on top of each other.

Interlocking Brick System

Interlocking dry stacking soil-cement blocks walls cracking
Interlocking dry stacking soil-cement blocks walls cracking

Interlocking Brick System

The blocks are manufactured by hydraulically compressing a soil-cement mixture in the hydraulic block making machine. The technology and performance of the dry stacking building system in terms of structural performance and durability did not meet expectations and did not pass the test of time.

Interlocking Brick System

Soil cement block - Hydraulic compressed machine formed
Interlocking Brick System
The use of alternative sustainable materials for building construction is increasingly gaining popularity and acceptance as a result of their tremendous value and plentiful advantages over some of their conventional counterparts. The study explored some peculiar drawbacks associated with the use of hydraform building system as a masonry material in the construction of mass housing in northern Nigeria. The study established seven prominent issues militating against the successful delivery of housing projects using the hydraform building system including. These problems are those related to production (delays in the production process, absence of quality control, lack of skilled machine operators, lack of trained personnel handling production) and those related to the construction (absence of trained masons for wall construction, high cost of block construction and slow rate of construction)

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