Solid Historical Reinforced Concrete Home-1905

Solid Historical Reinforced Concrete Home-1905

Reinforced Concrete Home
Reinforced Concrete Home - 1905

John Esposito and Dawn Fitzpatrick purchased this home in Irvington, N.Y., for $4.1 million in 2006. Construction on the home was completed in 1905 for retired stock broker Daniel Bacon, who requested the architect use reinforced concrete in the walls and under the floors for his country home. He wanted to avoid the fate of other country homes, which at that time would burn to the ground before a volunteer fire brigade could reach them
Detail from the front exterior of the home. In a 1909 edition of Cement Age magazine, architect Oswald Hering described Mr. Bacon's confidence in the structural integrity of the home: 'The owner has announced that he will carry no insurance except on the furnishings, and he has bought his freedom from worry over the possible destruction of his house from fire or general deterioration

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