Top 20 global cement companies - Lafarge #1

Top 20 global cement companies - Lafarge #1

To coincide with the release of the Global Cement Directory 2013, Global Cement Magazine has taken a closer look at cement companies around the world, comparing capacities to analyse the development of the global cement market. Through this analysis we have determined the Top 20 global cement companies - and those close behind. We comment on their place in the cement industry in different world regions.

The global cement industry is a good indicator of the growth and progress of a country as cement consumption is closely linked to per-capita income. It implicates future changes in the development of a region or country and depends on several factors like demand, raw material reserves, market access and economic conditions.

The cement industry has changed significantly in recent years through trans-national consolidations and co-operations. Much of the potential is in emerging markets, especially China and India. Emerging markets represent approximately 90% of the worldwide market today while western Europe and North America account for most of the remainder. This has opened many markets to competition, consolidation and technical progress.

To determine a ranking for the top global cement companies, listed by their capacities in 2011, Global Cement Magazine considered the plethora of cement companies from around the world. You can see the results in Table 1. The top three companies all reached an annual capacity of over 200Mt in 2011.

RankCompany/GroupCountryCapacity (Mt/yr)No. of plants
4Anhui ConchChina18034
8China ResourcesChina8916
12Taiwan CementTaiwan70-
Above - Table 1: Global cement companies 1-20 ranked by capacity.
Source: Annual reports of respective companies and their websites and the Global Cement Directory 2013.

* Includes 15Mt/yr of capacity from Cimpor shares.
** Cement capacity calculated from clinker capacity assuming clinker factor of 95%.
***As in April 2012.

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