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Gordon Brown's scheme proposes thousands of low-cost homes - Times Online

Gordon Brown's scheme proposes thousands of low-cost homes - Times Online

Thousands of low-cost homes for local people are being planned in what would be the biggest building programme in the countryside for a generation.
The new homes are proposed as part of a review ordered by Gordon Brown. Under the scheme, dozens of market towns would have communities built next to them large enough to sustain their own shops, pubs and even schools. Planning rules would be also be changed to remove restrictions and allow residences for lower-income families to be built.
The proposals are an attempt to boost affordable homes in rural areas and find sites for Mr Brown’s target of three million extra homes by 2020.
The houses would enable teachers, farm workers or craftsmen living or working in villages, who have been unable to get on the property ladder after years of rising house prices, to own a home for the first time.
But they are likely to meet opposition from some countryside campaigners and co…

Africa: Continent of Economic Opportunity - by David Fick (Author)

By Mwiti Marete Kigali, Rwanda

Day in the Sun for Africa's Hard-Nosed Entrepreneurs David Fick's "Africa: Continent of Economic Opportunity" reads like a "Who is Who" list of hard-nosed African entrepreneurs who have fished in life's dustbins and weathered the elements with astounding results. The 512-page volume is based on his belief that the second largest continent has immense potential that only waits to be tapped, and his confidence in her citizens' creativity, resilience and industry. "While many write off Africa as the continent of despair, other enterprising individuals and organisations have recognized the huge, untapped potential of Africa and are actively pursuing business ventures across the continent," says the book. The book features brief descriptions of these successful entrepreneurs and their ongoing enterprises in Africa. Each story captures the spirit behind these successes and highlights how they are not only creating … Nigeria: FG Challenged on Affordable House for Low, Middle Income Earners (Page 1 of 1) Nigeria: FG Challenged on Affordable House for Low, Middle Income Earners (Page 1 of 1)

The federal government has been urged to move quickly and build affordable houses for the low and middle income earners if it wants to achieve housing sufficiency by 2020.
This advice is coming on the heels of the recommendations by the Presidential Technical Committee on Housing which submitted that at least 30 million units of houses need to built immediately across the federation to bridge the housing gap in the interim; and a sustained 1000 units in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and 500 units in state capitals annually.
Mr Joe Idudu, the Chairman, Joe Idudu and Associates, chattered surveyors and the chairman, board of directors, Resort Savings and Loans Plc, made the call in Lagos while responding to questions from newsmen.
"If you build a house that would cost N50 million or N100 million you are not building for the middle cla…

The Herald Online **News**

The Herald Online **News**

Owning a home almost out of reach now, say bank experts
Rochelle de Kock HERALD REPORTER
THE property boom which hit the market in 2001 and the constant rise in interest rates have made it almost impossible for most South Africans to own homes.
This meant, Nedbank Home Loans divisional manager Pramod Mohanlal said yesterday, that one would have to earn no less than R31600 a month to afford a house.
With the interest rate resting at a high of 15,5%, “the basic mortgage repayment on a R700000 home loan is R9477 A month,” Mohanlal said.
Although R700000 could previously afford you a comfortable four-bedroom home with two bathrooms and a double garage, it is now “barely enough to purchase a three- bedroom townhouse in the suburbs,” said Bond Choice Port Elizabeth manager Andrea Atkinson.
“The average price of a three-bedroom house in the Kabega Park and Westering areas is between R800000 and R850000,” she said.
Major banks said affordability was a major downfall for cli…

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