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Building Code Enforcement Socks Owner of Low-Cost Home

Building Code Enforcement Socks Owner of Low-Cost Home

Geodesic Dome Was One of the Structural Advances of the Twentieth Century
Innovative Dweller-built House Is Torn Down by Order of Code Official
By Carol W. LaGrasseMarch 2008

Anyone who still labors under the misconception that building codes help people of modest income to live in safe, affordable homes that they actually own should look at these photographs telling the story of the geodesic dome house that David Greathouse built near Craig, Colorado.
A geodesic dome has inherent strength and structural stability. It is also inexpensive to construct, because it uses a minimum of materials. The structural members, which form a triangular latticework, are light, but comprise a whole that has the combined advantages of the inherent strengths of both the triangle and the dome. The famed innovator Buckminster Fuller introduced a wide range of uses of the geodesic dome during the twentie…

Haryana ups brick rates, crashes govt’s low-cost housing plans

Haryana ups brick rates, crashes govt’s low-cost housing plans

New Delhi: Meeting on Monday to also discuss PIL by farmers opposing land acquisition for project
The good news: the Delhi Government is ready to allot the first 9,000-odd homes under the Rajiv Ratan Awas Yojana, a project aimed at offering at least 4 lakh low-cost homes to the economically deprived populace of the Capital.
The bad news: the project might have hit a roadblock.

The reason: escalating cost of bricks, and litigation over land to be acquired by the government for the scheme.

Post-Assembly elections, with the election code of conduct now lifted, Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta on Monday would meet top officials from all departments involved to take stock of the progress. Among these are the legal department, the land and building department, and the Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation (DSIDC), in charge of the construction.
Senior government officials said the cost of homes — they are priced at Rs 2 lak…

ME developers plan low-cost housing projects in Pakistan

ME developers plan low-cost housing projects in Pakistan

He said that the low cost housing projects would be a blessing as Pakistan was facing a backlog of over eight million houses for the lower income and middle income groups.

Senior Vice President of FPCCI Sub committee on Housing and Construction, Munir Sultan commented that investments could be higher if the government realized the worth of Pakistan’s real estate industry and concentrated on it.

He said that the construction sector employed the highest number of labourers and also contributed significantly to the GDP of the country and yet the government was neglecting it.He asserted that the government should stop facilitating developers launching projects for the elite who were not, “in need of shelters on their heads, as much as the poor people of our society.”

Sultan commented that it was a positive sign for foreign investors to come to the country despite sensitive political and economical situation in Pakistan and if these low …

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