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Low cost housing

Low cost housing - Global mass housing projects
We have read numerous editorials regarding the massive developments in the high income bracket in Dubai, Houses, Apartments, Hotels, and Business Parks etc over the last few years. This unbalanced “high end” development, simply creates a massive backlog and need for affordable housing, as the staff to operate, clean, service these facilities are not catered for.
This is the market moladi focuses on - the bottom two thirds of the pyramid. We have developed an International recognized construction technology that reduces the cost to construct, capturing an untapped market.

With our experience and product we are able to help provide housing to any country.

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Plastic formwork

Build more quality homes better faster for less with moladi modular plastic shutter formwork system

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Habitat for Humanity International invitation - “The Moladi Approach to Affordable Housing Delivery”

We are very proud and honoured to accept the following invitation received from Habitat for Humanity International to speak about the moladi approach to affordable housing delivery.

“Habitat for Humanity International is organizing the 2nd Asia Pacific Housing Forum to be held at the Asian Institute of Management Conference Centre, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines on September 7-9, 2009. The first APHF was held in Singapore in 2007 and was attended by 230 participants representing 28 countries.

The 2nd Asia Pacific Housing Forum promises to be a bigger event. It will look at both alternative approaches and scalable models where government, business and social organizations can work together and build on each other’s strengths to provide urban housing solutions particularly the elimination of slums.

We are fully aware of your expertise and dedication to the cause of the needy particularly the homeless poor. It is therefore our honor to cordially invite you to speak at the 2nd Asia…

R100m for 1000 houses: South Africa: Politics: News24

R100m for 1000 houses: South Africa: Politics: News24

Johannesburg - About R100m is to be spent on repairing over a thousand defective RDP houses, the Eastern Cape housing department said on Tuesday.

Spokesperson Lwandile Sicwetsha said work had resumed on fixing the defective houses in the Alfred Nzo and OR Tambo district municipalities, which were built after 1994.

Construction was stopped in 2000 because of poor workmanship and non-availability of services.

"The rectification of these housing projects costs over a hundred million rand," Sicwetsha said.

He said the money came from the R552m remaining in the department's budget for flagship projects, existing projects and new projects.

New contractor

The remaining money was also to be spent on land acquisition, emergency housing and rectification.

"A new contractor is already working on site fixing the defective houses and rebuilding completely damaged structures in Mount Alyiff, Mount Frere and Flagstaff," Sicw…

UN signs deal with 6 nations to fund pro-poor housing | Home >> Other Sections >> Breaking News

UN signs deal with 6 nations to fund pro-poor housing | Home >> Other Sections >> Breaking News

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- The UN housing agency has signed six agreements with project partners from Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda to provide funds for affordable housing and infrastructure.

Executive Director of UN-HABITAT Anna Tibaijuka said the Experimental Reimbursable Seeding Operations (ERSO) initiative operates on the basic premise of providing loans, rather than giving grants or donations, as has been the norm in the past for the UN.

The loans are provided to local financial institutions, rather than to end users, and these institutions will pass on the loans to the urban poor for house building, improvements and infrastructure upgrading.

Funded by Spain, Bahrain and the Rockefeller Foundation, the 5 million U.S. dollars under the Experimental Reimbursable Seeding Operations project will go to local banks which will in turn lend to the urban poor.


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