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US unveils $4bn plan to upgrade public housing as part of green jobs project | Environment |

US unveils $4bn plan to upgrade public housing as part of green jobs project Environment

The Obama administration unveiled a $4bn (£2.5bn) plan to upgrade public housing for low-income Americans today, as part of an ambitious green job-creation project.
Obama sent the vice-president, Joe Biden, and other senior officials to Denver for a formal announcement of the renovation scheme, which will replace windows, insulation and even light bulbs in ageing and neglected housing stock.
The labour secretary, Hilda Solis, was also expected to announce $500m to train up workers for the new jobs. Of those funds, $50m will be directed to regions that have been hardest hit by the recession – such as the rustbelt state of Michigan where the unemployment rate is now 12%.
The funds mark the first phase of the green job creation plan envisaged in Obama's $787bn economic recovery plan. Officials said that attempts would be made to train local people for the work.
"This president is…

Gov't says $250M in grants going to tribal housing

Gov't says $250M in grants going to tribal housing

Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan says the government will offer more than $250 million in housing grants to American Indians and native Alaskans as part of the federal stimulus package.
The competitive grants can be used to purchase land, build new homes and retrofit existing homes to make them more energy efficient.
The money comes from the $787 billion stimulus plan signed into law Feb. 17 by President Obama.
Donovan said Wednesday the money could reduce crowding on reservations and improve living conditions for Native Americans across the country.

The solution to low cost housing for American Indians and native Alaskans is moladi construction system -

Tatas propose low-cost housing in Mumbai - The Financial Express

Tatas propose low-cost housing in Mumbai - The Financial Express

"Our study shows that 48 per cent of the people in the lower segment are currently staying in rented accommodation.

As a real estate company, we are sensitive to the need of providing this segment with their own home along with community life," he said, however, adding that local people would also be eligible to own homes in these projects.
Banerjee said in the Boisar project, a one BHK flat with a total salable area of 465 sq ft would be available at Rs 6.7 lakhs.
Tata Housing would sell 1,200 homes in the low-cost segment and 2,000 units in the affordable housing segment. Value homes would be sold through a lottery for which forms would be available at some select State Bank of India branches from coming Saturday.
Banerjee said Tata Housing has tied-up with HDFC and SBI for financing and is in talks with other lenders as well for this purpose.
The company is also looking for government support to start such project…

Hennie Botes: Obdachlosigkeit adieu! - Le Port

Hennie Botes: Obdachlosigkeit adieu! - Le Port

Hennie Botes heißt der Mann, der eine Revolution im Hausbau von Entwicklungsländern plant. Mit seiner Firma Moladi hat der Selfmade-Mann über zwei Jahrzehnte seine Vorstellung vom preisgünstigen, aber stabilen Hausbau perfektioniert, was dann heute beispielhaft so aussieht:
Hausgröße: 40 qmGesamte Bauzeit: 2 WochenBenötigte Helfer: 25-30 (Nachbarschaftshilfe erwünscht!)Benötigte Fachkräfte: 0Kosten: ca. 4.250 €
Das Geheimnis sind Plastikverschalungen, die wie Lego-Steine zusammengesteckt werden. Steht schließlich das Plastikhaus in der gewünschten Form, so muss der Hausbesitzer lediglich noch Beton einfüllen und auf das Aushärten warten.
Hier gefunden.
Hier geht es zur Firmenwebsite.
Hier trommelt Botes für sein Projekt.
Le Port: Klingt in jedem Fall besser als das US-amerikanische “Häuser für alle”-Programm.Tags: , , , ,

Plastic formwork

“Habitat for Humanity International is organizing the 2nd Asia Pacific Housing Forum to be held at the Asian Institute of Management Conference Centre, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines on September 7-9, 2009. The first APHF was held in Singapore in 2007 and was attended by 230 participants representing 28 countries.

The 2nd Asia Pacific Housing Forum promises to be a bigger event. It will look at both alternative approaches and scalable models where government, business and social organizations can work together and build on each other’s strengths to provide urban housing solutions particularly the elimination of slums.

We are fully aware of your expertise and dedication to the cause of the needy particularly the homeless poor. It is therefore our honor to cordially invite you to speak at the 2nd Asia Pacific Housing Forum on the topic “The Moladi Approach to Affordable Housing Delivery”.

moladi, a world leader in its field, produces a plastic formwork system for the use of casting…

The Next 4 Billion

The Next 4 Billion: "Nancy Sedmak-Weiss"


The Next 4 Billion — The Housing Market

Allen Hammond, William J. Kramer, Rob Katz, Julia Tran, Courtland Walker

Housing is one of the larger base of the pyramid (BOP) markets—larger than transportation, smaller than energy. The market encompasses major spending items—rent, mortgage payments (or imputed rents), and repairs and other services. But the BOP housing market is perhaps uniquely handicapped by informality. Both lack of legal title to housing in squatter settlements—Hernando De Soto’s “dead capital”—and lack of access to mortgage financing for the BOP limit its potential size.

Despite these barriers, both private sector approaches and policy reforms—sometimes catalyzed by NGOs—are showing how to tap this market in ways that provide significant benefits for BOP households. In Asia especially, where mortgage markets are undeveloped and land prices high relative to income, the market potential—and the need—is huge (Bestani an…

News - South Africa: Report slams running of N2 Gateway project

News - South Africa: Report slams running of N2 Gateway project: "Ella Smook"

By Ella Smook

A damning audit report of the N2 Gateway housing project reveals costly and widespread deficiencies in the planning, accounting, design and execution of the government's flagship low-cost housing development.

The report, completed in June 2008 but tabled in parliament only last week, backs up complaints that have surrounded the project since its inception.

The national Department of Housing, which has responsibility for the project, commissioned the Auditor General's report, which confirmed the N2 Gateway Project had not been managed "economically, efficiently and effectively".

The Auditor General ordered corrective action, which will include training, as well as the recovery of possible fruitless and wasteful expenditure, and possible disciplinary action.
The N2 Gateway project was launched in the Western Cape in March 2005 as a pilot to test the government's new low-…

The Manila Times Internet Edition | BUSINESS >Mass housing projects surge in 1Q

The Manila Times Internet Edition | BUSINESS >Mass housing projects surge in 1Q

Monday, May 04, 2009

Mass housing projects surge in 1Q

By Ben Arnold O. De Vera, Reporter

AMID higher cancelations among mid- to high-end projects, mass-housing investments registered with the Board of Investments (BOI), however, nearly doubled in the first quarter this year, according to the incentives-giving agency.

Preliminary data gathered by The Manila Times showed that 15 low-cost, mass housing projects have been registered with the BOI at end-March this year, up from 12 in the same three-month period last year.

Moreover, the total investments this year ballooned by almost 90 percent to P3.498 billion compared with P1.842 billion in first three months of last year.

Low-cost housing ventures awarded incentives by the BOI have risen continuously since the incentive-giving agency included mass housing under infrastructure activities in the annual Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) beginning 2003.


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