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low cost housing - moladi

BBC NEWS Business Moroccan efforts to replace slums

Moroccan efforts to replace slums
By Malcolm Borthwick Editor, Middle East Business Report

Casablanca has one of the largest slums in the whole of the Arab world
Think of Casablanca and most of us imagine Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman's epic wartime love affair.
But this sprawling port city of more than three million people is also home of some of the largest slums in the Arab world.
The rising young population, and growth in rural urban migration, has put pressure on housing, in cities such as Casablanca.
Larbi Adri, a Moroccan electrician, showed us around the Casablancan slum where he lived for 10 years until a few weeks ago.
It is early afternoon and many of his friends are hanging around here, because they don't have jobs.
Unemployment is high, and without a steady job there's little hope of escaping the squalor.
Sometimes my husband works all day and he doesn't earn even one cent; sometimes he doesn't sell any cl…

Botswana Housing Corporation-Ministry plan to lower cost of houses

Mmegi Online :: BHC, ministry plan to lower cost of houses

BHC, ministry plan to lower cost of houses
The Minister of Lands and Housing Nonofo Molefhi has confirmed his ministry and the Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) are working on plans to bring down the price of houses as well as rentals after concerns that they are unaffordable for many Batswana.

However, Molefhi said in a phone interview that for now they are still discussing how new housing projects can be built at lower costs and thereby selling them to Batswana at reasonable prices. He said bringing down the cost of already existing properties is going to be a challenge as they will have to find alternative sources of funding to pay for the loans BHC got to build those houses. "For those already existing houses, we owe banks, we need to pay them back. The question is who will subsidize the shortfall?" Molefhi said.
"We know that the houses are expensive (for Batswana). That is why we are looking for alternative b…

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