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Low Cost Housing


Low Cost Housing India

Low Cost Housing India low cost building India low-cost housing

moladi technology is primarily a manufacturer of a re-useable machine made formwork system that allows walls to be cast stronger faster for less, the principal focus is on the delivery of the “whole house”. A house consists of many components and the” assembly process” needs to be project managed in its entirety. That means windows, doors, roof, bath, toilet, paint, ceiling, glass, electrical hardware, etc. etc. needs to be planned ordered and supplied in order to avoid a “bottle neck” that would stop production creating “waste” resulting in an increase in cost. This in turn makes the product, the home, unaffordable to the majority of people.
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low-cost homes INDIA

Plan for 5 lakh low-cost homes still to take off - Hindustan Times -India

Low-cost homes 5 lakh plan - India - not a single unit has been constructed

The ambitious plan to provide five lakh affordable houses in the city and its vicinity has gone kaput with the officials of the Maharashtra Chambers of Housing Industry (MCHI) and state government accusing each other of non-cooperation. Mooted eight months ago, the plan was to provide five lakh affordable dwellings, ranging from 160 sq ft to 600 sq ft, in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Raigad over five years, but till date not a single unit has been constructed.

While the builders are blaming the government, the state officials claim the former were not interested in providing cheap houses. “Nothing has happened so far. The scheme depends on the will of the ministers of the state government,” said Pravin Doshi, former MCHI president, who had come up with the scheme.
Doshi was the signatory to the memorandum of understanding (MoU) with th…

House build - How to build a house?

House build - How to build a house?

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Alternative Construction

Alternative Construction Building systems


Alternative Construction Building systems

moladi plastic concrete formwork system, for low cost housing, provides and assists with the full range of requirements involved in the transfer and use of a proven low construction cost housing technology. We supply affordable housing technology and support transfer of know-how to empower individuals to achieve worth, by meaningful action to raise those at the “bottom of the pyramid” to a higher level, supplying low cost housing technology. Low construction cost affordable housing- not poor quality.

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Low cost affordable housing

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