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Venezuela Housing Crisis: Hugo Chavez Struggles With Severe Affordable Housing Shortage

Venezuela Housing Crisis: Hugo Chavez Struggles With Severe Affordable Housing Shortage

Venezuela Housing Crisis: Hugo Chavez Struggles With Severe Affordable Housing Shortagemoladi Building Construction Technology - solution to  build more homes faster better for less - creating employment CARACAS, Venezuela -- For more than a year, thousands of Venezuelans have been living in disaster shelters, sleeping in bunks and sharing bathrooms. Their long wait for government homes shows how far President Hugo Chavez still has to go to fulfill his promises of aid for the poor after nearly 13 years in office. Opposition politicians estimate that more than 30,000 people remain in the shelters waiting for Chavez to deliver. And yet, his inability to keep such grand promises doesn't seem to be a serious handicap as he seeks re-election next year. "I trust Chavez will get us into an apartment. I just don't know when that could occur, and waiting so long is becoming more and more difficult,&…

Low Cost House Plans

Low Cost House Plans

moladi Building Construction Technology -
Low Cost House PlansAlthough moladi technology is primarily a manufacturer of a re-useable machine made formwork system that allows walls to be cast stronger faster for less, the principal focus is on the delivery of the “whole house”. A house consists of many components and the” assembly process” needs to be project managed in its entirety. That means windows, doors, roof, bath, toilet, paint, ceiling, glass, electrical hardware, etc. etc. needs to be planned ordered and supplied in order to avoid a “bottle neck” that would stop production creating “waste” resulting in an increase in cost. This in turn makes the product, the home, unaffordable to the majority of people.

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Coping with Rapid Urbanization

Innovation Excellence | Coping with Rapid Urbanization

Coping with Rapid Urbanization
Every year, nearly seventy million people, or 200,000 a day, move from rural areas to urban cities. In South Africa alone, more than 2.2 million homes are currently needed, and an additional 180,000 homes will be needed every year to keep pace with rapid urbanization. Utilizing a Plastic Formwork System, a method of building cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures, the walls of a house can be built in as little as a day by unskilled laborers with locally sourced materials and little waste. The system is comprised of square plastic components that join together to form wall panels from which the house is assembled. The house’s infrastructure – steel-reinforcement bars, conduits, window and door frames, pipes and other fittings – is positioned on the wall; once in place, these elements are sandwiched between a second layer of panels, forming a cavity into which a lightweight concrete mortar is poured…

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Low cost affordable housing

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