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Construction of all-concrete houses-Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison: The inventor's patent for the construction of all-concrete houses.

When Edison Tried to Make Single-Pour Concrete Houses Happen

By Thispatent,filed by Thomas Edison on August 13, 1908, proves that even a man famous for world-changing inventions was capable of producing a less-than-impressive brainchild. Edison’s idea: a house that could be built with one pour of cement. The process could eliminate not only the traditional work of erecting walls and roof but also much of the labor involved in finishing the interiors. Given the right mold, “stairs, mantels, ornamental ceilings, and other interior decorations and fixtures” would all be formed by the same giant piece of concrete. The inventor’s rationale was apparently civic-minded, as he pointed out that the house was “practically indestructible and perfectly sanitary,” as well as being cheap enough to be available to buyers who would otherwise be unable to afford a house of such size and quality. That said, …

moladi launched in KZN

moladi launched in KZN

Launch of moladi in KZN Happy to announce that moladi has been invited by the Department of Human Settlements KZN to showcase moladi to address the huge backlog in the delivery of quality Government subsidy.

The show unit is being constructed in Hammarsdale between Durban and Pietermaritzburg

The time and date of the official launch will be announced later this week.

Hope to have the opportunity to discuss the way moladi fights unemployment and creates much needed jobs - “Train the unemployed to build for the homeless”.

"Let the construction begin"

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