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Frugal Innovation Jugaad

Frugal Innovation JugaadFrugal Innovation In many African countries, housing is one of the most sensitive issues affecting the lower income groups. In South Africa for example, close to 13% of the 14.3 million households are informal dwellings (Statistics South Africa, 2011). The term "informal dwelling" is often used in South Africa to designate shacks, corrugated-iron structures and other makeshift shelters. The above statistics represents about 1.8 million households (between 7.2 and 10.8 million people). Informal structures are often made of highly combustible materials such as wood and cardboard which pose serious safety and environmental concerns. The structures are easily damaged and exposed to the external elements meaning that people often live in damp, very hot or very cold conditions. The other concern is inadequate or lack of sanitation and running water which constitute a serious health hazard for the population. Similar conditions are present in many parts of A…

Moladi Formwork - Google

Moladi Formwork - Google
moladi Formwork
Plastic FormworkThrough creative engineering and sophisticated manufacturing, moladi aims to advance living standards and spaces affordably. moladi is an advanced building technology that utilises an innovative re-usable plastic formwork system #plasticformwork to reduce the required skills to produce quality affordable homes and other structures that are socially acceptable by speeding up delivery and thus reducing cost. By emulating the methodology of the automotive assembly line, moladi implements the principles applied by Henry Ford; reducing cost by increasing production output by de-skilling the production operation, making homes affordable.

Reusable modular plastic formwork 

moladi Plastic Formwork -

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moladi selected to exhibit at the new C-City museum in Netherlands | DesignMind

moladi invited to exhibit at the New C-City museum in Netherlands

moladi invited to exhibit at the New C-City museum in the  NetherlandsDue to the success Design Indaba has had with the two ‘Africa is Now’ exhibitions, we were approached to curate a segment on African design for a new exhibition taking place later this year at a new design museum called Cube (C-City), in Kerkrade in the Netherlands. The exhibition will showcase Design
for a better world | Innovations for people
. The objective of the exhibition is to raise an awareness of design and to pass on its significance.

They aim to do this by gathering unique examples of the most relevant innovations worldwide from contributing museums such as the Cooper Hewitt in New York, Design Museum Taiwan, Powerhouse Australia, Mind Museum Manila, Design Museum London and of course, Design Indaba. C-City will bring technology, science, and design in one integrated museum district. Link
“We wish to congratulate moladi for being sele…

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