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moladi in Namibia | moladiNAMIBIA

moladi in Namibia - moladiNAMIBIA

moladi established in Namibia - moladiNAMIBIAmoladi CEO, Hennie Botes, was invited to meet with the Namibian Ministry task to address the huge housing backlog in Namibia. Also present during the meetings where the technical advisors to the Ministry and special advisor to President Hage Geingob.

moladi has been handed two stands in Windhoek and another three in Gobabis to construct show units for the community. The number one issue for any home is the social acceptability criteria. The structure must feel and sound like a house that people are used to or have grown up in. If this criteria is not passed, then price is not even discussed.

End user funding of the structures are critical. As the homes need to be financed over a long term in order to be financially affordable to the new owner. moladi is approved by major banks in South Africa and Namibia.

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Innovative construction technique

This Low-Cost Innovation could fix the Most Common Urban Problem of Affordable Housing
Innovative Construction Technique

It is difficult to contemplate in abstract the tremendous strain that rapid urbanization has put on housing and serviced land for the urban poor in developing countries. The United Nations Population Fund has projected that by 2030, Africa’s urban population would reach nearly 750 million, creating a dire need for proper housing and access to basic infrastructure and services. More than a dozen African cities would be among the world’s largest by 2025.

Moladi, a South Africa-based family-owned business promises to simplify the housing problem. Founder Hennie Botes, using an innovative system of reusable formwork has designed an efficient construction technique that requires formwork moulds assembled with 30cmx30cm plastic panels by extension. The modular construction technique allows for buildings such as houses, schools, community centers, and clinics to be constructi…

Low cost housing construction techniques

Low cost housing construction techniques
Low cost housing construction techniques Keywords - Low cost housing construction techniques, moladi, low cost housing. building, system, techniques, formwork, system, plastic formwork, housing, building

Low Cost Housing Concepts

Low Cost Housing Concepts

disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology - Read more Low Cost Housing Reduce cost of housing constructionKeywords - Low Cost Housing Concepts, moladi, low cost housing, construction, technology, innovative, building, formwork, plastic formwork, low-cost, housing, affordable housing, Sustainable Construction, Reduce cost of housing construction

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