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Jobs Food Through Shelter

Jobs Food through Shelter - moladi building system

moladi Jobs Food Through Shelter

moladi Jobs Producing Food and Shelter - Basic Needs
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Alex Liew Chung Meng

Alex Liew Chung MengFraudulent use of copyright material  Plagiarism: The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

Alex Liew Chung Meng - NCT AL NASHI ALEX SDN BHD (NCT)
Also Known as LCM - Fraudulent use of copyright material

Alex Liew Chung Meng, you are a fraud. The photo above is of a moladistructure and NOT your work. You use our copyright pictures illegally on your website (A lightweight concrete house in a week. Casting method, no columns, no beams and no brick-works, earth quake proof, safe life during earthquakes. | Alex Liew Chung Meng) - The link of the picture on our website
We have requested you, on many many occasions over many many years, to remove our photos from your website and to refrain from using it to dishonestly promote your product and company by using our copyright material and work. But, to no avail. Therefore the only option we are left with is to go public on your false claims  We will not go down the road of…

moladi building system

moladi building system
moladi Building System

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