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THE BUILDER OF THE FUTUREMoladi construction systems has developed a way in which houses and social infrastructure can be built faster and cheaper, without jeopardising the structural integrity of Glenneis Kriel - Finweek

While most other industries have undergone tremendous change, the building and construction sector has seen little new technological breakthroughs over the past fifty years. That was until Hennie Botes, the founder of Moladi, came along.

Realising the struggles of the poor in getting good quality housing, already in the 1980s, Botes decided to do something about it. His solution was the development of a whole new building system, which he named Moladi. The system replaces the cumbersome bricklaying process with an approach similar to plastic injection moulding.

A “mould” is produced by training local unskilled labour to assemble reusable plastic injection moulded panels, commonly known as formwork. The formwork is erected on an engineered designed raft foun…

Miriam Altman - National Planning Commission

Miriam Altman | National Planning Commission
Miriam AltmanDr Miriam Altman, we would like to remind you of the great words from David McCullough Jr. during his commencement speech - "Climb the mountain so you can see the world; not so the world can see you." I am afraid Dr Altman that you fall in the latter category. It's not about you...It's what you are supposed to DO... Assist in getting the unemployed working and the hungry fed.

Your position as Commissioner is not about "self" it is what you are DOING to assist South Africans. Referring to our experience trying to engage you, you do not seem to be concerned to implement solutions, perpetuating the unemployment problem we are facing in South Africa.
Foresight Forum Miriam Altman - GIBS Business School - VideoHeard you say a few things what must be done - "Hold government accountable" was one. As a commissioner, you need to be held accountable for not doing what you have been tasked to do (...expe…

Beyond brick and mortar construction | moladi

Beyond brick and mortar construction | moladiBeyond brick and mortar construction
The inefficiencies of moulding a brick or block in a mould then tasking an artisan to lay them. Then chase the walls for water and electrical services. Then relying on another artisan to plaster the walls. Dependent on the skills and ability of artisans to produce a house. At what cost?
Conventional brick and mortar construction process:How many bricks or blocks are laid per day?Are the quantity of bricks or blocks laid per day the same for every day of the week? What happens when the bricklayer does not come to work? Is the mortar (dahga) mix to lay the bricks or blocks consistent? How many bricks or blocks are wasted or broken or stolen? Are walls straight plumb and square? How long to chase for electricity piping? How long to chase for water piping? How long does it take to do beam filling? How long does it take to plaster window reveals? Is plaster thickness consistent or does it vary? Is the plaster mix consist…

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