Business Day - News Worth Knowing

Business Day - News Worth Knowing

CAROL PATON: Yes. The problems at local government level are immense - there are desperate skills shortages amongst the councils, there are financial problems - in some areas there really are failing services. Where once you had services that worked you are finding that more and more services are failing - the biggest problem really that I found, the new problem, the thing that shocked me most - was that one of the things that is exacerbating the situation is the level of corruption amongst local government politicians who are driving out competent officials. Officials who want them to abide by the law - they don’t want to listen to them, they are driving them out and then they are taking those councils and doing what they want with them. The consequences for service delivery are disastrous. In the Secunda area at eMbalenhle in the Govan Mbeki Municipality I went to sewerage station after sewerage station where there is raw sewerage flowing straight from the sewerage lines straight into the rivers. It is really a shocking situation.

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