moladi - Address the BACKLOG in Affordable housing and create job's

moladi, a South African Company and International supplier for the past 16 years, the pioneer of a one-step casting process for the erection of homes,"...Simply cast a whole house in a day, employing unskilled labour, reducing time, waste and cost, eliminating chasing for plumbing and electrical pipe work, plastering and beam filling, resulting in a wall stronger than brick. A cost effective, holistic design and build technology that far outweighs poorly designed costly concrete-block and masonry structures..." Show unit built in Pretoria for the NHBRCABSA Bank National Housing Competition

In order to be a contender when it comes to delivering 50 or 1,000,000 units, it should be viewed as a “Production Line”, similar to that of the automotive industry. By applying a disciplined approach, logistics, management and a reliable technology such as moladi, a project can be completed on time, in budget without forfeiting quality. We are geared to help and coach TEAMmoladi partners and customers, to become more productive, profitable and gain a competitive advantage.

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