Namibia: Housing Crisis - What Are the Solutions? Namibia: Housing Crisis - What Are the Solutions?: "Namibia: Housing Crisis - What Are the Solutions?

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New Era (Windhoek)
November 17, 2006
Posted to the web November 17, 2006
Surihe Gaomas
With over 65 percent of Namibians not having affordable and decent housing, the country faces an uphill battle to close the huge housing backlog.
High levels of poverty and unemployment, limited capital investment, spiralling building costs and little financial support for low-income groups are some of the major challenges facing the sector.

Estimations are that Namibia will need 300 000 low-cost housing units in rural and urban areas up to the year 2030.
The fear is that the pace of housing delivery is too slow to meet the huge public demand. Like Namibia, other Southern African countries are in a similar dilemma.
Against this background, hundreds of housing experts from Namibia, SADC and further abroad are currently putting their heads together in the capital to find solutions to this problem.
The two-day housing conference, which was officially opened by Prime Minister Nahas Angula yesterday, is being jointly organised by the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development.
The main aim of the conference is to allow stakeholders in the housing sector to share and exchange ideas on issues and challenges affecting the provision of housing in Namibia. This would ultimately lead to improving the country's draft White Paper on Housing.
The conference is being held under the theme: 'Affordable Housing - Key to Sustainable Human Settlements.'
Addressing the close to 300 delegates, the Prime Minister said housing is a basic need for all Namibians as enshrined in the"

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