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BBC NEWS Africa Is there a roof over your head?: "Last Updated: Friday, 3 March 2006, 12:53 GMT

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Is there a roof over your head?

Are you struggling to find a place to live?
In the next 30 years the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, Habitat, estimates that two billion people or 31.6% of the global urban population will be living in slums unless substantial changes are made.
They describe a slum household as 'a group of individuals living under the same roof that lack one or more of the following conditions: access to safe water, access to sanitation, secure tenure, durability of housing, and sufficient living area'.
Do you live, or have you ever lived, in such conditions? What stops people from living elsewhere? Are rents too high? Are landlords making unreasonable demands? Why aren't people buying their own places? "

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