Ministry of Housing

Ministry of Housing - Kenya

1.2 Dissemination of Appropriate Building Technologies The Department of Housing is in charge of dissemination of appropriate low cost building materials and technologies for housing. So far, we have been disseminating the use of stabilized soil blocks and Fibre Concrete Roofing tiles.

This is undertaken through training workshops, to schools community groups and other institutions such as G.K. prisons and construction of demonstration units. Examples of units constructed in 2005 include: -
3 bathrooms and 3 washrooms using stabilized soil blocks (SSB) and roofed in 30g GCI sheets 2 bed-roomed demonstration house units earlier constructed at Langata Women’s prison using the MOLADI-SA building system.The department started constructing four classrooms in November, which will be complete by January 2006, at Kipipiri Primary School.

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