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Cheap housing maker opens PE office2008/03/04
A company specialising in inexpensive construction technology for mass housing schemes has just established a new factory in Port Elizabeth.The inventor, Hennie Botes, said that the decision to open the factory was based on reducing production costs, in order to capture the affordable and low-income housing market. According to Botes this is achieved by consolidating the supply chain involved in the construction of a whole house, and to offer a comprehensive supply entity.Botes said that the concept came to him in 1986 while building a wall around his first home. The building process took up quite a bit of time and he investigated alternatives to reduce the construction time and still create a good quality wall.According to Botes Moladi is a low construction cost technology and has nothing to do with low-cost housing systems. The principle can be applied to any house, whether low-cost housing or for up market developments.The concept is unique in that it forms all the walls in a building simultaneously. It is can be adapted to various design specifications, whether they are schools, homes, clinics or factories whist maintaining design aesthetics for social acceptability. For more information contact Hennie Botes on 041 372 2152 or send an email. Click here to visit the website.

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