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Housing summit to tackle growing slums in Africa
The conference seeks to find solutions for the growing number of slums across Africa July 28, 2008, 17:30

Adel van Niekerk, AbujaDelegates to a housing conference in the Nigerian capital are deliberating on how best to eradicate the continent's growing slums. Housing ministers from across the continent and representatives of international aid organisations have converged on Abuja as part of the second African Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development.
With more than 70% of the continent's urban residents staying in slum areas, delegates are faced with an enormous challenge. They say the continued influx of people into Africa's cities and the pressing need to address the escalating housing needs of the poor is becoming more urgent.
The body was created in 2005 and South Africa has been chairing it ever since. South African Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu says the lack of proper housing in Africa is a crisis waiting to explode.
The summit is also looking at setting up a possible African Fund under the African Bank to eradicate slums on the continent.
The latest research indicates that more than 1.6 billion Africans will be living in slums by 2020.

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