New housing technology introduced in Ghana : Ghana Business News

New housing technology introduced in Ghana : Ghana Business News:

New housing technology introduced in Ghana

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The cost of housing is set to come down by about half the present cost with the intro­duction of a new technology into the Ghanaian market.

The Moladi housing tech­nology developed in South Africa about 22 years ago, uses ordinary cement and sand with an additive, Moladi Chem, which reduces the den­sity of the mortar by creating air bubbles that make it with­stand fire, earthquake, cyclone and tsunami.

The inventor of the technol­ogy, Mr Hennie Botes, told journalists at a demonstration of the technology that the con­cept had been proven and test­ed as having greater advantage over the traditional mortar and brick buildings.

He said the technology, which ensured that a house was started and completed along with roofing and fittings within a week, was also durable, and helped in reduc­ing the cost of putting up a building by about half the cost of ordinary brick and mortar structures.

The materials can also guarantee that the house will stand for over 100 years.

Mr Botes explained that after a foundation was laid, a plastic frame was fixed as a cast and fitted with PVC pipes and switches for wiring, and imbedded with door and win­dow frames before Moladi mortar was poured. No chip­pings are used.

The frames are stripped the following day to allow for fit­tings immediately, which the technicians said could take a maximum of three hours to complete in the case of electri­cal works.

In South Africa, where the technology has been tested for over 22 years, a two-bedroom house could be sold for US$7,000, the founder said.

In Ghana, a deluxe version of the same apartment could be delivered for $33,000 consid­ering the high cost of fittings in the country.

Local partners of Moladi also added that through a mort­gage plan, an average person with about GH¢400 net earn­ings could own a single bed­room self-contained flat built with the Maladi technology.

Mr Botes, the patent holder said in order to prevent mid­dlemen (the contractors and mortgage finance companies) from making super normal profits, the company would sign a Memorandum of Under­standing (MoU) with its local partners to among other things set ceilings on margins.

Moladi Ghana and its local partners, Battis Company Ltd and others, have also held talks with financial institutions who have shown keen interest in the new technology and were ready to develop a mortgage plan for buyers.

The Chief Executive Offi­cer of Battis Co. Ltd., local partners, Mr Frank Battanis Akiti. said they were ready to meet housing needs in any part of the country.

Moladi is widely used in Southern and Central Africa and is exported outside the continent.

Source: Daily Graphic

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