moladi: New building technology arrives in Nigeria

moladi: New building technology arrives in Nigeria

House building experience is bound to change soon in Nigeria as a new building technology is introduced into the country. The system, called Moladi technology, was unveiled in Lagos on Thursday at the site of the first building sample.
Introduced into the country by Moladi Nigeria Limited in franchise with a South African building firm, Moladi South Africa, the system involves erection of plastic formwork on the plan lines after laying the raft foundation.
Mortar is then pumped inside the formwork and left to dry for 15 hours after which the formwork is dismantled and removed leaving a solid wall smooth on both sides.
Highlighting the advantages of the new building technology, the Chief Executive Officer, Moladi SA, Mr. Hennie Botes said the system was borne, out of the need to reduce the cost of building houses, thereby, making ownership of homes easily accessible by the low income earners.
He said in addition to cost benefit, the technology also ensured better quality and with such timely delivery that ridiculed the conventional system of building.
Botes also explained that other considerations such as fire resistance, heat absorption and burglary were already taken care of by the technology.
He said, ”We invented and have been developing this technology since 1986, but we are bringing it to Nigeria to see how we can reduce the cost of building homes as well as create jobs for youths who did not have the privilege of becoming graduates.
”What we intend to do is to set up a Moladi college as in South Africa and train young people on how to build with the technology. As our partnership with Moladi Nigeria strengthens, we can also see to the possibility of manufacturing the plastic forms here in Nigeria instead of importing them from South Africa.”
While noting that moladi technology guaranteed a cheaper home ownership alternative, he said the cost of building with the technology differed in the size of the house, the width and height of the walls in addition to other inputs relevant to individual tastes of the landlords.
Earlier, while conducting journalists round the site of the first building being constructed with the new technology, the technical adviser on site, Mr. Eddie Breed, said it takes only about one or two weeks to deliver a standard three bedroom flat from start to finish.
He explained that apart from being reinforced with a steel system at the linters’ level to ensure that the walls are strong, the mortal is also mixed with what he called moladi chemical to form bubbles in the wall. This he explained ensures that heat is absorbed out from inside the house.
Speaking, the Chairman of Moladi Nigeria, Senator Bode Olajumoke, said the technology was one of the best things that had happened to Nigeria this year so far.
He said low income earners and the middle class would now have less excuses not to build their own houses.

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