Mass housing production, firm introduces Moladi Technology

Mass housing production, firm introduces Moladi Technology

FOR developers, mortgage financial institutions, government interested in mass housing provision, the firm of Messrs Moladi Nigeria has the key to some of the challenges associated with housing construction.
Tagged ‘Moladi Technology’ it is a logistics and management approach of delivering 50 to 2,500 units of housing on time, in budget without compromising quality.
According to the Executive Director of the Company, Mr. Abraham Adewale, with Moladi Technology, developer can complete one house in a day unlike the traditional bricks or blocks which are manufactured in a small mould.
Explaining how the technology works, Adewale stated that the basic raw materials include sand and cement, which are mixed in appropriate measurement according to specifications and poured into a plastic framework designed in South Africa.
For home builders who want to use Moladi technology, the executive director said they had to submit their building designs to the company while their foundation layings were ongoing.
Later, he said a suitable plastic formwork would be developed for the building construction and that within a day, five to ten houses could be built with Moladi technology.
The system, he said disallowed erratic supplies of houses, waste of materials, inconsistent quality, unpredictable cash flow and increase cost.
His words: “Moladi technology utilises local materials, it is re-useable, reduces transport cost, allows low construction cost, enhances rapid construction time, gives room for practicable design, quality approved materials, allows variety of finishing details and low maintenance cost.
“It allows the training and employment of local unskilled labour, speed without compromising quality, no beam filling, waterproof, enhanced thermal properties, reinforced, waste reduction, controlled logistics, consolidated supply chain, alterations and additions.”
With Moladi, construction of supper structure is made easy with superior wall strength and it is accepted by various communities.
Chairman of Moladi Nigeria, Senator Bode Olajumoke, said he has been talking to the Federal Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development on the need to employ Moladi technology for the realisation of the 54,500 housing units planned for the nation.

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