Concrete House Designs Architecture

Concrete House Designs Architecture

There are numerous environmental advantages of using the moladi system in the construction industry. The majority of home owners have not been made aware of the embodied energy in building materials. The embodied energy of a building material, such as brick, refers to the energy that is used or expended during the life cycle of a material. This would include the cost to produce, transport, build and maintain the material during its life cycle. Building materials should be not be evaluated by their function, cost and aesthetic value alone. The environmental consequences associated with the selection and use of building materials should be considered a crucial aspect in ascertaining the viability of a project. The calculation of the embodied energy in building materials, or their life-cycle assessment, takes into account the following aspects;
1. The extraction and processing of raw materials
2. The manufacturing, packaging and transportation of the product
3. The maintenance of such a product after installation or positioning4. The possibility of the recycling and reuse of the product5. The final disposal of the productThe results for the embodied energy in common building materials, published by the American Institute of Architects, are as follows; Visit - for details

moladi makes use of lower energy materials, such as sand, gravel and lightweight concrete within the local community. Plastic, the material used for the formwork, has a higher energy content, but conserves energy and resources due to the fact that it is reused, recycled, is lightweight and long lasting, which requires very little maintenance. The following points are key points to consider in achieving the most sustainable outcome with regards to building projects;
Reduce building materials through more efficient layout and use of spaces
Reduce construction waste
Specify products that use raw materials more efficiently
Substitute plentiful resources for scarce resources
Reuse building materials from demolished buildings
Rehabilitate existing buildings for new uses
Recycle new products from old

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