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Create Employment

Create Employment - Maslow’s Sex Food and SHELTER

Create employment
 Maslow’s hierarchy of needs “Sex Food and SHELTER” – focusing on the fundamental SHELTER, moladi is focused to change the way homes are built for the BoP. By addressing the six key challenges embodied in the affordable housing shortages that face developing countries; the lack of resources, insufficient funds, the shortage of skills, time constraints, work flow control and waste, we strive to overcome the barrier between industry and the fundamental human need for a valued home.

moladi approaches building construction as a ‘Production Line’, similar to that of the automotive industry. One of the important principles under a lean production paradigm is termed ‘lean assembly’. This refers to simplifying the process of assembly through industrialization, modularizations, standardization, and continuous flow processes. The reduction of operations required for a production process means less chance of the occurrence of errors, waste and rework. This follows from the same logic that the fewer the number of operations, the higher the quality of the product and a predictive timeline, resulting in cost savings.

The technology constitutes a lightweight, patented, reusable and recyclable plastic formwork system and a South African Bureau of Standards approved lightweight aerated mortar, which holds the Agrément Certificate 94/231. The results are durable and permanent structures of the highest quality, socially accepted and mortgaged by financial institutions, which are earthquake, cyclone and tsunami resistant.

By creating employment we provide the homeless income that will enable them to own and afford a home of their own.

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