Libya reconstruction | Rebuild damaged buildings in Libya

Libya reconstruction | Rebuild damaged buildings in Libya

Reconstructing Libya after the war

moladi Construction technology can assist Libya in the reconstruction process of rebuilding damage structures during the war - Also schools, classrooms, clinics, etc. - Read more of moladi at

Addressing the housing challenge in Libya and creating employment transferring skills
Lack of resources, insufficient funds, skills shortages, work flow control and waste are key challenges to affordable housing. Moladi’s technology addresses these issues, which is why its technology is seen as one of the solutions to housing needs throughout the world.
The innovation has received several accolades, including the 2006 National Innovation Housing Competition Award – given jointly by banking group, Absa, and the National Home Builders Registration Council – and the SABS Design for Development Award 2007.
Part of Moladi’s success lies in job creation within the communities it serves, by using and training the locally unemployed and, in so doing, uplifting the community as a whole. Local entrepreneurs and building contractors receive Moladi training in the use of the formwork system, and subsequent technical support with ongoing on-site training.

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