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Housing backlog - a global issue

Housing backlog or the shortage of affordable homes is a global issue - effecting many many countries around the globe - Cuba, South Africa, America, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Ghana, Mexico. Argentina, Brazil, Panama and many more.

The issues are complicated but the common thread is the lack of skilled artisans trained to build homes cost effectively manner like the assembly line of automotive assembly lines - reducing waste increased productivity allowing cost effective mass production.

Although moladi is primarily a manufacturer of a re-useable machine made formwork system that allows walls to be cast stronger faster for less, the principal focus is on the delivery of the “whole house”. A house consists of many components and the” assembly process” needs to be project managed in its entirety. That means windows, doors, roof, bath, toilet, paint, ceiling, glass, electrical hardware, etc. etc. needs to be planned ordered and supplied in order to avoid a “bottle neck” that would stop production creating “waste” resulting in an increase in cost. This in turn makes the product, the home, unaffordable to the majority of people.

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Affordable housing system addressing backlog in Africa

Housing backlog
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Housing backlog - How to reduce the housing backlog implementing innovative technology

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