Housing - We are tired of broken promises - Nomvula Mokonyane

‘Housing - We are tired of broken promises’ - Nomvula Mokonyane

‘We are tired of broken promises’ - No houses delivered since 1996

Princess informal settlement residents in Roodepoort have had enough.
They say they are tired of the pledges made by the different government officials who have promised them countless times that they would receive proper homes.
“We have been living here since 1996, it’s been well over 10 years now and we have nothing to show for it. We are tired of hearing promises with no delivery,” said an elderly resident, who only wanted to be known as Jacob.
The settlement has had protests since Monday in the hope that their plight will be heard.
The roads surrounding the settlement are blocked off with burnt tyres and tree branches and rubbish bags.
“We will continue striking until someone takes notice. And we don’t want just anyone to come here, we want (Human Settlements Minister) Tokyo (Sexwale) or (President Jacob) Zuma,” said Jacob.
The residents are particularly angry with Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane.
“When she was still the MEC, she promised us all these things three years ago and now that she is at the top, she has forgotten all about us,” said Thabiso, an irritated resident.
The locals complain that other newer areas such as nearby Vlakfontein had been helped while they still waited for services to be delivered. They said they had no running water, electricity and proper sanitation.
“We were promised tar roads, but we still have dirt and gravel. Just because we live in an informal settlement, it does not mean we should be treated like rubbish,” said Edwin, a community leader, who feared giving his surname would land him in trouble.
The residents said they wanted answers about the 2010/2011 budget for Roodepoort.
The land on which the houses are to be built is currently being used as a dump site and two Group Five containers brought in three years ago to signal that the construction company was about to start building the houses, have been there for three years with nothing being done.
“All we want is to know when and where they will relocate us to... It’s been too long now and we are tired,” said Edwin.

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