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SABC - PE housing company in finals of global contest:Monday 26 March 2012

A South African housing construction company, Moladi Housing Technology, has made it to the finals of a prestigious international competition for providing affordable houses for the poor.
The Port Elizabeth-based company is in the final six in the 2012 Hult Global Case Challenge. One of the judges is former United States President Bill Clinton, whose foundation wants to build millions of houses in Africa.
The company has been building quality, cheap and affordable houses, schools and clinics for 26 years in poor communities around the world. It takes only a day to construct a building using its unique method, which comprises a plastic mould that is simply filled with a mixture of cement, sand, chemicals and water.
The company also prides itself on using local unskilled labour and creating jobs
The judging panel has inspected buildings erected more than 20 years ago and found no defects. The company also prides itself on using local unskilled labour and creating jobs. Moladi’s Hennie Botes says they believe that houses are the backbone of society. Botes says once a family has a proper house, there is an incentive to improve it to buy things to put in.
He says as a result, the economy gets stimulated and at the same time, people learn skills in building houses. The South African company has built housing complexes in 10 African countries, South America, the Phillipines and Mexico. However, it sees the local housing challenge as a priority. The winner of the $1 million challenge will be announced in New York at the end of April.
Hult Global Case Challenge
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