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National Fund for Housing and Reconstruction - Sudan

National Fund for Housing and Reconstruction - Sudan
National Fund for Housing and Reconstruction - Sudan

Finance Ministry Allocates SDG 472 Million for Housing Fund

Khartoum - The Minister of Finance and Chairman of the National Fund for Housing and Reconstruction (NFHR), Ali Mahmoud Hassanein, has announced that NFHR will receive SDG 472 million in budget.

He said SDG 50 million will go to the expansion of NFHR's housing projects at the various states of Sudan to be financed from a Chinese loan in addition to the allocation of funds from the loan for Blue Nile Sugar Project and Bara-Omdurman Road.

On the other hand, the minister said Real Estate Bank's capital will be increased by SDG 20 million with such to be shared equally by the ministry and Central Bank of Sudan.

The minister directed NFHR to initiate a vision and study on REB so that it can play a basic role in financing NFHR's housing loans.
He stressed the importance of expanding vertical housing projects for being of low cost, to be implemented as a first stage at Khartoum State with the experiment to be applied at various states of the country later on.
During his meeting with NFHR's secretary-general, Ghulam El Deen Osman Sunday, the minister requested the activation of the committee on the special privileges provided to NFHR by customs and taxation departments for facilitating the construction of low-cost housing.

He said NFHR has now an office at the ministry of finance premises as a way for reducing costs.

On the other hand, Mr. Osman said NFHR give educational environment a priority and that within the directives of the First Vice President marking this year as the year of education, 100 schools will be constructed in North Kordofan State, starting with 38 schools in the first stage.
He added the meeting has approved the payment of NFHR's subscription fees in the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT, the approval and implementation of recommendations of the Housing Issues Workshop held recently in Red Seas State.  The next workshop will be held in Gedarif State.

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