Suspended slab formwork - moladi

Suspended slab formwork - moladi

suspended slab formwork
Suspended slab formwork

Suspended slab formwork - moladi

In-situ floor Suspended slab formwork system

moladi designer of a unique patented plastic formwork system has recently design a new Suspended slab formwork system for casting reinforced Suspended concrete slabs - Floor slabs to enable the construction of multi-level structures to be built faster better stronger for less. This requires formwork technology to be able to carry the dead loads and impact when casting slabs insitu

The photo below depicts the completed suspended concrete roof slab

moladi suspended slab system
moladi Suspended slab system
The 20 square meter slab was constructed with 2 cubic meters of 25 mpa concrete and 100 kg of steelThe cost for the slab is drastically reduced because of the formwork configuration that allows for multiple permutations as can be seen below

The moladi Slab Formwork System allows for beams to be increased or decreased in numbers, thickness, depth and width allowing for 100 % optimization - and most importantly only one prop per room 9depending on size) for early stripping/removing of formwork

moladi suspended slab formwork system
moladi suspended slab formwork system

moladi suspended slab formwork system

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